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Drop Bottle

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Drop Bottle set out to find a solution to what they saw as some significant issues around our hydration and the planet. Their infuser water bottle, designed to be taken with you wherever your day brings, means hydration will always be on hand where you need it. Their reusable bottles have already offset over 3.5 million single-use plastic bottles from circulation, and they’re only just getting started.

Our role was to redesign their website with a fresh new look to align with the brand’s voice while improving user engagement by crafting a frictionless e-commerce experience.

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  • Shopify Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • Web Design


  • Commercial
Drop Bottle home page hero desktop
Drop Bottle home page hero mobile
Drop Bottle Oprah's testimonial
Drop Bottle Product page mobile
Drop Bottle key features and benefits
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Drop bottle home page
Drop Bottle product page desktop
Drop Bottle Detox & Cleanse
Drop Bottle lemon water
Drop Bottle Recipes
Drop Bottle product page mobile

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